Upcoming Updates: Last Steps

3 min readJan 4, 2023


As we have noticed the community with this article before, all of the said updates will be rolled out on January 4, 2023. Other updates are listed below.



Let’s begin by giving more detailed information about the Runes which we have introduced in this article:

  • Runes will be sold on the game marketplace at varying rates depending on their rarity. The prices will be as follows:

* Basic Rune: 20 000 $AVXT
* Trained Rune: 33 333 $AVXT
* Advanced Rune: 50 000 $AVXT
* Expert Rune: 100 000 $AVXT

  • Runes can be Merged with the aim of achieving the best possible rarity. The Merge ratios are as follows:

* 5 Basic Runes + 400 $ENXT = 1 Expert Rune
* 3 Trained Runes + 400 $ENXT = 1 Expert Rune
* 2 Advanced Runes + 400 $ENXT = 1 Expert Rune

Furthermore, taking into account the Merge frequency of the Gen2 Avaxtars, we offer a use case for the evaluation of the leftover CFGs. Everything to honor a successful full-power clash!

  • Users will be able to burn Level 20 CFGs to acquire 1 Basic Rune.
  • If the CFG being burned has an Automator attached to it, it will be transformed into one Basic Rune and one Automator.

Choose Your Friends: The Guild Feature

We recognize the importance of being with our friends and fighting for the truths we believe in, so, in preparation for PvP and Minigames, we will be activating our Guild Feature with the first update following the January 4 Update. Details are as follows:

  • Users can take the initiative to create a Guild and become the Guild Master. A single user account can create only one Guild.
  • The cost of creating a Guild is 250 000 $ENXT Tokens.
  • The Guild Master can invite the Gen2 Avaxtars of his choice to his Guild or choose from applications to admit them to the Guild.
  • Users who do not wish to create a Guild can opt to join an existing Guild. Note: Gen2 Avaxtars who are not part of any Guild may not be able to participate in some events.
  • A Guild’s maximum participants, including the Guild Master, is 25.
  • Gen2 Avaxtars from the same account can not join different Guilds. All Gen2 Avaxtars in an account can only join one Guild.
  • A maximum of 5 Gen2 Avaxtars from a single account can join a Guild.
  • When a Gen2 Avaxtar leaves or is removed from a joined Guild, the said Gen2 Avaxtar can not join or apply to a new Guild for 5 days. However, he/she can become a Guild Master by forming his/her own Guild.
  • Guild names must not contain any of the following:

* Vulgarity, hate speech, offensive or derogatory language of any kind
* Direct references to any Avaxtars employee, product, service or character
* Direct references to any old or new leaders of the nations

Unwanted Practices, Sanctions that Carry the Justice

Unfortunately, our dev team has detected some unwanted practices from certain users, such as the usage of certain unwanted practices, third-party software, bots and other methods, in breach of the “User Agreement”. All users responsible for such violations detected so far and in the future will be subject to the following measures, as a precaution:

  • All game assets (Gen2 Avaxtars, and all Items) and tokens (AVXT, DGC, ENXT) in the accounts responsible for obtaining profits in such ways or any other detected methods will be frozen for 3 months.
  • During the freezing period, the frozen assets can not be transferred, sold on the Marketplace, used, exchanged or burned. Likewise, the tokens in the in-game wallet cannot be transferred to on-chain.
  • During the freezing period, the wallets involved will not be able to log in to the avaxtars.com (or any other website of similar nature).
  • Once the freezing period is over, all assets will be released and the penalties will be increased proportionately in the case of recurrence. Such penalties may be applied in any manner stated in the user agreement.

Adjustment of Black Market Rates

Taking into account the usage rates, the token exchange rates of the Black Market missions in the GameFi section have been updated in the following direction of exchange:

  • 1 000 $DGC = 2 000 $ENXT
  • 3 000 $ENXT = 1 000 $DGC
  • 1 000 $AVXT = 1 500 $DGC
  • 1 000 $AVXT = 3 000 $ENXT

All the applications mentioned above will be released directly with the next update.

Good Luck to All.

About Avaxtars

Avaxtars is a browser-based blockchain game which is using NFTs as game assets and has its own Tokenomics. Avaxtars was launched on March 31, 2021 and continues to grow by creating a large community.




Avaxtars is a browser game that is based on blockchain technology, using NFT Tokens as game assets, and has its Tokenomics.