Phase 3: Beta is Online!

  • Gen2's will start to go on missions with this phase.
  • Gen1's will continue to produce for now. Production is already more profitable.
  • The entry price level to the game reduced dramatically. Just one Gen2 will suffice.
  • We recommend all players to go on quests with characters of Rare or higher rarity, as Unit Converter device will arrive shortly. We expect Common and Uncommon characters to be converted quickly after their arrive.
  • This device will do two types of conversions; Scientist and Soldier
  • In the Scientist transformation, regardless of the rarity of the Avaxtar that enters the Unit Converter, a standard scientist will appear at the exit. Whether you convert common or legend, the output will be exactly the same. The only difference will be the difference between the amount of $DGC needed to convert Common and the amount of $DGC required to convert Legend. That’s why we think Common and Uncommon Avaxtars will go through this transformation. Maybe Rare from time to time.
  • On the other hand, the rarity type does not effected by the transformation for Soldiers. Common will be converted to Common Soldier, Legend will be converted to Legend Soldier. In addition, new Soldier will gain a new soldier quality according to the transformation.
  • Missions take 12–48 hours.
  • A player can only do 4 missions simultaneously.
  • You support Avaxtar who goes to each mission with items and this determines the chance of success.
  • Items shorten mission time.
  • If you are successful at the end of the task, you will receive the entire award.
  • If it fails, there is a number we call Fail Multiplier, it is less than 1. The reward is multiplied by this number and you get a partial reward.
  • If you are successful in the missions that give lootbox, you get Enchanced box, if you fail, you get Standard Box. Of course, the rarities of the items that come out of them are different.
  • Before some missions, you have to do other missions. It offers a story flow.
Some FAQ on Quests
  • Quests will not consume ENXT during the beta.
  • We have added some bonus missions which you can earn $ENXT and $DGC by successing on them.
  • Labs and Machines haven’t arrived yet, so PAGM’s $ENXT consumption dynamic doesn’t come into play either.
  • It is now sufficient to just buy a Gen2 to enter the game.
  • We hope that it will increase the number of players rapidly.
  • Items and Tools are available on the market.
  • ENXT Generator
ENXT Generator
  • DGC Generator
DGC Generator
  • Unit Converter
Unit Converter

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Avaxtars is a browser game that is based on blockchain technology, using NFT Tokens as game assets, and has its Tokenomics.