Metaverse Slot Is ACTIVE!

2 min readJan 26, 2022

While we approach the end of Phase 3: BETA, another feature has been activated! Agents of Avaxtars are able to interact with Metaverse Slot from now on.

You can see Metaverse Slot after selecting a Quest from GameFi screen.

NFT’s from partner projects of Avaxtars will be put into Metaverse Slot to increase the success rate of an Avaxtar. NFTs of partner projects can be on any chain since Avaxtars provide a real experience of Metaverse: regardless of the blockchain (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, etc.), NFTs will provide additional utilities when they have been put into Metaverse Slot. While Crypto Mandala, Heroes of NFT and Yeti Swap NFTs are available by the time, Penguin Finance NFTs are expected to be available soon. Success Rate Multipliers will be calculated in seperately in Success Rate Formula.

Success Rate Formula

[(Avaxtars Success Rate + Sum(Gears & Weapon Success Rates) + ((Level*0,35)/100) + Metaverse Slot Success Rate)]*0,6

Success Rate Multipliers for Metaverse Slot is shown below:

Success Rate Multiplers of Avaxtars’ Partners’ NFTs

Note that NFTs of projects which don’t have a rarity feature (such as Yeti Swap) will be calculated as “Rare.”

About Avaxtars

Avaxtars is a browser-based blockchain game which is using NFTs as game assets and has its own Tokenomics. Avaxtars was launched on March 31, 2021 and continues to grow by creating a large community.




Avaxtars is a browser game that is based on blockchain technology, using NFT Tokens as game assets, and has its Tokenomics.