Loyalty Rewards

1 min readMay 20, 2022


The very first Gen2 Avaxtar that completed The Message

As Avaxtars HQ, we aim to transform the “Play to Earn” mechanics into “Play and Earn” mechanics for best tocenomics and sustainable game ecosystem. Therefore, we are hardworking all the time to prevail our goals and eventually we’re awarded with the best community, ever. While we continue our non-stop developments for Avaxtars, we want to award our community members who show a similar approach to ours.

Some hardworking Agents continued their missions despite the odds. Some of them even challenged each other to reach the mysterious “The Message” mission. Time has come to reveal the award of hardwork:

  • First 500 Gen2 Avaxtars who completes “The Message” mission will be awarded with a “Attributum Badge.”
  • Attributum Badges will be on display at the top left of Gen2 Avaxtars who are the first 500 that completed “The Message” mission.
  • Attributum Badges will provide extra attribute to a Gen2 Avaxtar.
  • Attributes will be essential for PvP mechanics.
  • After the launch of PvP, each Avaxtar is going to have the opportunity to earn the Attributum Badge. However, said opportunities will come with a challenge.
  • Hardworker Agents will enjoy the privilege of owning the Attributum Badge for their efforts, before everyone else.

From our Quantnet Builders for your enjoyment.

Best Regards.




Avaxtars is a browser game that is based on blockchain technology, using NFT Tokens as game assets, and has its Tokenomics.