Hot Summer in Quantnet: MORE BURN

  • New burning mechanisms
  • Automation
  • More Burning
  • Upgrading the Rarity of Gen2
  • Burning Fast
  • Quartering
  • Burning Slowly

Experience the Metaverse: Crypto Mandala Edition

We are already experiencing Metaverse with our partner projects’ NFTs. And now, with one of our partners, Crypto Mandala, we’re stepping up the game a little further. Meet automation integration with NFT burning!

  • Users will be able to buy and sell Crypto Mandala NFTs with $AVAX on Avaxtars Marketplace.
  • Crypto Mandala NFTs will be burned on their homepage and will be disassembled.
  • An automation item a.k.a. Automator will be assigned to the same address’ Avaxtars In-Game Wallet.
  • Users will be able to buy and sell Automators with $AVXT on Avaxtars Marketplace. Automators will be transferable between accounts like other machines or items.
  • Since Crypto Mandala has its own Rarity Levels, NFTs of different rarity will provide different amounts of Automator. Amounts are as:

2 Genus Crypto Mandala = 1 Automator
1 Monus Crypto Mandala = 1 Automator
1 Dius Crypto Mandala = 2 Automator
1 Trius Crypto Mandala = 3 Automator
1 Tetrus Crypto Mandala = 4 Automator
1 Pentus Crypto Mandala = 5 Automator

  • Automators will be used to automate PAGMs, CFGs and DGCGs.
  • Automators will be burned once used in any machine.
  • While automating PAGMs, acceleration rate will be selected at startup, as well as the token that will be used to accelerate. Automated PAGMs will be claimed after 5 mins it became claimable. Right after, the PAGM will be started again with the very same Gen1 Avaxtars that is has been in it before. If there is no enough currency of the player’s choice for acceleration, automation process will be stopped and player will start the PAGM manually.
  • Automated CFGs will be claimed hourly.
  • Automated DGCGs will be started 5 minutes later after being claimed automatically, with the very same Gen2 Avaxtars that has been put in before.

Merge: A Rare Method for An Epic Adventurer to Become the LEGEND

As you know, Gen2 Avaxtars are being created by extracting Digital Genetic Code ($DGC) from Gen1 Avaxtars in PAGMs. However the results aren’t always satisfying. While trying to merge the extracted DGC, the process fails sometimes, resulting just $DGC Tokens. And sometimes it’s just a Common or Uncommon Gen2 whom are going to be converted to a Scientist since they’re not really good with successfully completing missions. While it’s satisfying to see the process resulting a Rare Gen2 Avaxtar, we all know Legend Gen2 Avaxtars are the best for missions. Yet, not all of Agents are lucky enough to have a Legend Gen2 Avaxtar. However Avaxtars HQ has been working for the Quantnet society, for each Agent to have the chance to accomplish the missions more successfully. We’re glad to announce that our scientists in the HQ have found a way for lower rarities to climb the stairs to the Legend rarity, with a reverse engineering method: Merge.

  • Merge feature will be available in DGCG Machine.
  • DGCG Machine needs to be Level 5 in order to upgrade Rare Gen2 Avaxtars to Epic Gen2 Avaxtar by merging. Similarly, DGCG Machine needs to be Level 10 in order to upgrade Epic Gen2 Avaxtars to Legend Gen2 Avaxtar by merging.
  • Each merge process consumes 400 $DGC and 25 $ENXT.
  • Merge formula is as follows:
    3 Scientists + 5 Rare Gen2 Avaxtars = 1 Epic Gen2 Avaxtar
    5 Scientists + 4 Epic Gen2 Avaxtars = 1 Legend Gen2 Avaxtar
  • The arithmetic mean of the merged Gen2 Avaxtars’ experience points will be transferred to the newly generated Gen2 Avaxtar.
  • If any Avaxtar that has been put into DGCG for merging has an Attributum Badge, newly generated Gen2 Avaxtar will have the Badge as well. However, even in case of there are being more than 1 Avaxtar with a Badge whom are going to be merged, the newly generated Gen2 Avaxtar will have only 1 Badge; Badges won’t multiply.
  • Scientists and Gen2 Avaxtars that have been merged will be burned. Newly generated Gen2 Avaxtar will be brand new; new visual and new name.

Quartering $AVXT Rewards for PAGM’s and Missions

While earlier participants recall the reductions of $AVXT Token rewards for Avaxtar Farming, it’s always good to remember it together. After every 2.500 new Gen 2 Avaxtars creation, the $AVXT rewards given to Avaxtar Farmers have been reduced by 25%. This process which we call quartering have been halted after 11 successful reward reduction periods. Since quartering is another good balancing method, we’re now reactivating it. This update is going to rebalance the efficiency of Gen1 Avaxtars’ rarity difference for PAGM process. For the best outcome, acceleration costs will stay the same.

  • New rewards and acceleration costs are as follows:

$AVXT Reward for Common Gen2 Avaxtar: 316,763
$AVXT Reward for Uncommon Gen2 Avaxtar: 380,116
$AVXT Reward for Rare Gen2 Avaxtar: 443,469
$AVXT Reward for Epic Gen2 Avaxtar: 538,497
$AVXT Reward for Legend Gen2 Avaxtar: 633,527

$AVXT Cost for %20 Acceleration: 42,235
$AVXT Cost for %40 Acceleration: 126,705
$AVXT Cost for %60 Acceleration: 316,7625
$MNDL Cost for %20 Acceleration: 60
$MNDL Cost for %40 Acceleration: 180
$MNDL Cost for %60 Acceleration: 450

  • As well as PAGM Rewards, Mission Rewards will be quartered too. All mission rewards will be dropped by %25 with the upcoming update.
  • Durations of missions that are named as “My Closed Eyes” and “Protect the Factory” will be shortened and their costs/rewards will be rebalanced according to their durations.

About Avaxtars

Avaxtars is a browser-based blockchain game which is using NFTs as game assets and has its own Tokenomics. Avaxtars was launched on March 31, 2021 and continues to grow by creating a large community.



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Avaxtars is a browser game that is based on blockchain technology, using NFT Tokens as game assets, and has its Tokenomics.