Collaboration Between Avaxtars and Dwarf Knights!

  • Avaxtars users will benefit OG and WL for Dwarf Knights.
  • After launching the game, a special boss will spawn in Dwarf Knights just for sake of Avaxtars and an event will be announced.
  • After launching the item market, a special item will be airdropped to Gen1 and Gen2 Avaxtars holder wallets.
  • Dwarf Knights users will be able to use their NFTs in Avaxtars Game by adding them to the Metaverse Slot to increase their success rate in the missions of Avaxtars.

About Dwarf Knights

About Avaxtars



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Avaxtars is a browser game that is based on blockchain technology, using NFT Tokens as game assets, and has its Tokenomics.