Avaxtars Tokens Explained: $AVXT, $ENXT and $DGC

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Avaxtars began as a browser-based game project on the Avalanche Blockchain network, which went live on March 31, 2021. It has its own Tokenomics structure and uses ERC-721 NFTs for its gaming assets.

We will share all of the revealed information about ERC-20 Tokens on Avaxtars in this article.

Avaxtars $AVXT Symbol

The Main Token: $AVXT

The base token of Avaxtars is $AVXT, which was created on the Avalanche network using the ERC-20 standard.

The hard cap of $AVXT is one million, and each $AVXT has six decimal places. These decimal places are referred to as XT. 1 $AVXT equals 1,000,000 XT (think of it like a penny)

AVAXTARS ($AVXT) Distribution

Total $AVXT: 1,000,000
Team: 150,000 This will be used for marketing and development
Boxes from BoxDrops: 102,300 (Claimed & Opened Box Statistics here)
AirDrop: 100,000 (Distributed partially, details below)
Farming: 647,700 + 42,435 + $AVXT returns to the pool will be distributed via different game mechanics. Some details explained below.

Only 200,000 $AVXT were minted at the time of this article; 800,000 more will be minted eventually, and no new $AVXT will be produced after that.

In May 2021, two months after Avaxtars launched, we completed an AirDrop to all Avaxtars owners for 10 $AVXT per Avaxtar. Exactly 57,670 $AVXT has been distributed to players.

We also distributed 5,395 of $AVXT through the Social Media AirDrop campaign. 4,800 of these tokens were not withdrawn to on-chain wallets on time and we removed those AirDrop from those inactive users back to Game Pool.

The most important way to earn $AVXT is to get it with the dynamics in Avaxtars.

Players may currently obtain boxes using Gen1 Avaxtars’ BoxDrop ability and open these boxes to obtain $AVXT. However, this is only a temporary solution because each Gen1 character’s BoxDrop ability has a limited number of uses.

Another important way to earn $AVXT is to use PAGM devices. If a PAGM device achieves a successful result by using two Gen1s, it generates a new Gen2 Avaxtar with some $AVXT tokens as a bonus.

At the time of writing this article, 101,845 $AVXT has been earned by PAGM Processes.

We are aware that it will be a financial burden for players to pay a transaction fee for each game interaction. That’s why Avaxtar Tokens are kept in in-game wallets and we allow anyone to withdraw their tokens to their Metamask wallets whenever they want.

At the time of writing this article, the amount of $AVXT withdrawn to on-chain wallets were 60,600.5.

In-game wallets had a total of 53,098.2 $AVXT. These figures will be updated as you read this article.

$AVXT can currently be spent on acquiring a PAGM device and speeding up PAGM processes. In addition, boxes obtained with the BoxDrop feature within the game can be bought and sold with $AVXT in our market.

All the $AVXTs spent in-game and 5 percent of $AVXTs spent in the market go back to the game pool and continue to be earned by the players.

At the time of this writing, a total of 3,642 PAGM devices had been sold at 20 $AVXT each, bringing a total of 72,840 $AVXT back into the game pool.

In addition, 17,958.35 $AVXT was spent on PAGM acceleration.

A total of 3,280.167 $AVXT was spent on box sales.

You can see many of these statistics in real time on our statistics page.

Some portion of Avaxtars Statistics Page

For many reasons we do not create a liquidity pool on a centralized (CeX) or decentralized (DeX) exchanges, but currently you can buy and sell $AVXT using the community created pool on Pangolin. Another option is to use the smaller TraderJoe pool.

We would also like to point out that Pangolin has opened a PNG Farm for those who provide liquidity to the $AVXT-$AVAX pool.

We will reward all our users who provide liquidity to the pools on Pangolin and TraderJoe with Energy Token ($ENXT) for every 100 $AVXT they added to the pool.

Energy Token: $ENXT

When Avaxtars Phase 3 will start, Avaxtars will be able to go on quests, and we will add also PvP matches in the following periods. It will be necessary to spend energy for both quests and PvP matches. Another important token of Avaxtars for this energy need will be $ENXT.

$ENXT will not have a hard cap.

The balance of the $ENXT ERC-20 contract will always be zero. When the $ENXT earned in the game is withdrawn to an on-chain wallet such as $AVXT, this amount of $ENXT will be minted by the contract and transferred to the user’s wallet. When $ENXT is deposited from an on-chain wallet to the game wallet, that $ENXT will be burned on-chain and added to the user’s in-game wallet as a balance.

Users will be free to use their $ENXT assets in their non-game wallets as they wish (establishing pools, trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges, etc.).

$ENXT, like $AVXT, can be generated by in-game dynamics or will be given as an extra reward to those who meet certain criteria.

We’ll reveal the details of the special devices we’ll be offering in-game to generate $ENXT later.

For the reward system, For those who provide liquidity to the $AVXT-$AVAX pool on Pangolin or TraderJoe, we will give away 100 $ENXT every 24 hours at the rate of 100 $AVXT. Due to changes in $AVXT and $AVAX valuations, there may be changes in the contributions of our users who provide liquidity to the pool. The prizes we give will not be affected by these changes, the amount of entry to the pool will be important.

For example, a user provides liquidity into a pool for 200 $AVXT and equal amount of $AVAX. This user will earn 200 $ENXT every 24 hours. This reward will expire when the liquidity provider leaves the pool. In partial exits, the reward will be calculated again considering the $AVXT amount as of that moment.

When we launch this reward system, we will also award $ENXT for all past transactions. Moreover, even if the user already leaved the pool when this reward system is activated, we will reward for the time period of the pool contribution.

There are two points that should not be missed in this reward system. Accounts that contribute to the pools in the distribution of the rewards will be kept under surveillance with checks at random times. If the person providing liquidity to the pool does not hold the LP tokens received in exchange for this liquidity or the PNG Farm contribution tokens, this will be considered a manipulation and will result in the permanent disqualification of these wallets from the $ENXT reward system. Although we can offer liquidity providers the opportunity to win two different rewards at the same time, we think that this approach is important to prevent possible manipulations.

Digital Genetic Code: $DGC

The most basic component that generates Avaxtars is the Digital Genetic Code (DGC). DGC will play an important role in the later stages of Avaxtars and Gen2 characters can be developed using DGC. For this reason, $DGC is Avaxtars’ third token.

In a structure like $AVXT and $ENXT, $DGC will be produced and consumed in-game.

$DGC will not have a hard cap.

The balance of the $DGC ERC-20 contract will always be zero. When the $DGC earned in-game is withdrawn to an on-chain wallet such as $AVXT and $ENXT, this amount of $DGC will be minted by the contract and transferred to the user’s wallet. When $DGC is deposited outside of the game to the in-game wallet, this $DGC will be burned on-chain and added to the user’s in-game wallet as a balance.

Users will be free to use their $DGC assets in their non-game wallets as they wish (establishing pools, trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges, etc.).

$DGC will be generated by in-game dynamics, like $AVXT, or will be distributed as an extra reward to those who meet certain criteria.

There are three ways to earn $DGC.

Failed PAGM processes will reward $DGC

The Avaxtar Farming (AF) process, which is carried out using the PAGM device and two Gen1 Avaxtars, has varying success rates depending on the rarity level of the Gen1s used, and all PAGM owners, without exception, can occasionally get unsuccessful results. On the other hand, PAGM devices spend considerable time analyzing the digital genetic codes of the two Gen1s to generate a new one. We can see that some of the analyzed code can be recovered, even if it fails to generate a new Gen2. This amount will be determined by the rarity of the Gen1s used. The table below shows how much $DGC can be recovered.

Unfortunately, the records of Gen1s placed in PAGM devices during the early period when PAGM processes began in Avaxtars were corrupted due to the first wave of the Quantnet frequency wars. For all these records, PAGM holders will be awarded 50 $DGC for related transactions. Yes, starting with the first failed PAGM and retroactively, all PAGM holders will receive their rewards  From now on, new failed PAGM transactions will also generate $DGC in the specified amounts.

Using PAGM for $DGC generation

During their research, our scientists discovered that Gen2 Avaxtars were insufficient to create new Gen2 characters. Further investigation, however, revealed that Gen2s could be used to generate $DGC.

By locking two Gen2 characters into a PAGM device and waiting a certain amount of time, any player will be able to generate $DGC. Unfortunately, this process will not award $AVXT as it did for Gen2 production, but thanks to the tremendous efforts of our scientists, there is no risk of failure in the production of $DGC with PAGM devices. The rarity level of the Gen2 characters used in the PAGM device determines the amount of $DGC that can be produced.

The table below shows the amount of $DGC that can be produced using two Gen2 and PAGM as a result of extensive research.

The production times are the same as those required for Gen1 production as shown in the table below.

Our scientists have discovered that this process can be accelerated by 20%, 40%, or 60% by paying $AVXT as in the Gen2 production process and at the same cost.

$DGC Generator

Finally, we have a mechanism in place where non-PAGM players can generate $DGC as well. The $DGC Generator is a unique device that generates $DGC by copying the digital codes of Gen2 characters. However, this is a time-consuming and laborious process. This process will take 7 days and will yield the following amounts of $DGC depending on the Gen2 rarity used.

We will reveal the cost and other features of the $DGC Generator device at a later stage.

So we gave you a portion of our Avaxtars Tokens. You can ask all of your questions in our Telegram and Discord groups, and we’ll answer them all together in the community. We are pleased to state that we are always open to your feedback and, if necessary, can update our plans in response to reasonable and logical suggestions.

About Avaxstar

Avaxtars is a browser-based blockchain game which is using NFTs as game assets and has its own Tokenomics. Avaxtars, was launched on March 31, 2021 and continues to grow by creating a large community.

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Avaxtars is a browser game that is based on blockchain technology, using NFT Tokens as game assets, and has its Tokenomics.