• Snapshots of AVXT token holders have been taken as of the moment we decided on the steps to be taken.
  • Excluding the wallets used by the attacker, wallets belonging to the team and exchange wallets, the percentages of all wallets are determined according to the current amount of AVXT they have.
  • The seized tokens (38,423) account for approximately 3.84 percent of all AVXT volume (1,000,000).
  • First of all, 5 percent of the value Avaxtars creates (Marketplace transactions, new sales on other platforms and all other activities) will be shared among the wallets on the Snapshot.
  • With the steps to be announced in the future, a total of 25 percent of the project will be distributed gradually to all existing and new investors of AVAXTARS.
  • The details for our new governance model will be shared separately in the upcoming days.
  • All NFTs of the Crypto Mandala project that have not been sold yet have been removed from sale by the team. One of each will be distributed fairly to the wallets in the snapshot list and the rest will be burned. Thus, the value created by a side project, Crypto Mandala, will be distributed to the existing ecosystem.
  • We hope these steps will minimize the market impact of the 20,585 AVXT tokens held by the attacker.
  • As the Avaxtars team, we would like to state that we will take new steps as we deem necessary.



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Avaxtars is a browser game that is based on blockchain technology, using NFT Tokens as game assets, and has its Tokenomics.